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 Five Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. Met with a tax advisor today with some avenues to protect our assets.
  2. ENT appointment tomorrow.
  3. Feeling decent today. 
  4. Program run today for about an hour and pulled data on 356 kickstarters. Power Automate combined with my Excel skills is really going to open up a lot of resources to me.
  5. Father in law got me a new watch which is fantastic.
  • Productivity 45% 45%
  • Motivation 77% 77%
  • Back Pain 27% 27%

Kickstarters Analyzed

This song always reminds me of training for a marathon. I found sounds that had a beats per minute that matched the pace I wanted to run. This version sounds a little slow to me, but it had originally made the cut. I find that my opportunities for increasing my salary are minimal, but  digging into the tax code is really the best side hustle that I can imagine. There’s really a bunch of stuff in there for people to reduce their tax burden if you own your own business. The disparity in wealth is pretty terrible. Feels like I am struggling. Can’t buy a house where I live, we are competing with people who make millions with their IPOs, stock options, and buyouts. I keep thinking more and more about starting some sort of Non-profit that provides not only financial education to people screwed by the system, but gives their kids upon birth $5k in some sort of tax advantaged account that they couldn’t touch until retirement. Doesn’t feel like it should be my job, the government should tax the net worth of individuals and develop a program with a similar goal. The fact that we have any billionaires is a failure of the system in my opinion.