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Stretched Ankles This Week

¬†Five Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. I had lunch with Louis.
  2. Today is restaurant day.
  3. I was able to stick to my goal and have stretched my ankles again.
  4. I bought an air quality monitor before the bad air quality started hitting us. Today might be the first of the season unfortunately.
  5. Website design has come so far. I doubt I’ll ever have to get into CSS and HTML again at this point. The number of things that are available for just basic modifications to get to 95% of what you envisioned is incredible.

Exploring global colors with Divi. If I’m not writing custom CSS, which I really don’t want to, I don’t see myself needing a child theme. If the colors work like I think they do, I should be able to make updates to the color and have it update the entire site. I really appreciate all of the updates that have been made. Purchasing the lifetime subscription to this theme was a gambit that has saved quite a few hours.