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¬†Five Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. I’m grateful how easy the web design has become. One improvement everyday really feels like I’m making progress. Need to build out a business site soon, and these tools/techniques are making it so much faster than it used to be. *Note to self the blue backgrounds make it very difficult to tell what text is highlighted…
  2. Grateful that I have friends like Joe and Justin I can meet with.
  3. Work has been fairly straightforward recently.
  4. Stock market is still climbing.
  5. Sounds like there is some interest in getting the DND game up and running. Looking forward to it.
  • Drive 50% 50%
  • Strength 41% 41%
  • Concentration 62% 62%

Words written for the DND Module

So I’m not sure what to write today. I really am terrible at following through on things. There’s a lot of energy to start projects. I get a couple of days in and seem to lose interest or the ability to finish. Perseverance did rank 17/24 on my strengths, though I do find satisfaction in finishing things. Even things like toothpaste tubes. Maybe that’s because I don’t finish so many other projects. I’ve been persistent trying to keep plugging away on the gratitude blog though.