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 Five Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. Went for a really long run, the longest I’ve done in probably 12 years, pushing a running stroller, and feeling pretty good. Really love this watch. It’s like a running coach in addition to its advanced tracking functionality. Was a really awesome present.
  2. Found a sweet stash of toys on the way home from the run. Epic sword and interesting ball shooter.
  3. Had a chance in the morning to finish up some more work on the climate change project when wife and daughter went to their hiking class. There’s some pretty interesting info I’m learning as part of this, though extremely depressing. There are no standards for measuring sustainability widely agreed upon. There was a comparison made to stock financials in the 1920s before the SEC was established leading to the stock market collapse. Seemed like an apt comparison.
  4. Feeling optimistic about the Kickstarter. Even if the first one is mediocre, you keep building that audience and improve for each one. Really getting past the overwhelmed stage and getting the action items marked off.
  5. Slept a fair amount last night.
  • Productivity 85% 85%
  • Overwhelmed 83% 83%
  • Exhuastion 87% 87%

Insurance Pages FIlled out

Finding it harder and harder to carve out time for this activity. I did not update anything other than the gratitudes, which I had recorded a few days ago. Will be the same for the next two entries as well.