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 Five Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. I got some time to myself today.
  2. Made great strides on my summoner class. I’m interested in playing all three subclasses.
  3. Air quality is clearing up.
  4. We do not have a dog.
  5. It really feels like better sleep is within reach.
  • Happiness 60% 60%
  • Time Usage 90% 90%
  • Physical Activity Lately 65% 65%

Number of hours spent on my CR calculator

Tested my site on the google speed test. 

Turns out the embed from url plugin I found that seemed pretty nifty is what is killing my speed. I only have 10 posts and we’re at 29.2 seconds to load the full content with a rating of 46.

I have started updating my images, only 1 so far, using the guidance here.

We’ll see how it goes. So far after replacing one image we’re at 38, with 35.7 seconds for the Largest Contentful Paint. Yes, that is not the improvement anyone was expecting. Wrong direction even.