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¬†Five Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. YouTube. It can be a terrible social media platform, but as a learning tool it is fantastic. Dove a litte into hydrafoils today. They seem like something I would really like.
  2. I have a sleep appointment in a week. I’m just so exhausted everyday. Feels like it’s been getting worse lately. Have a headache most days too.
  3. Red tape at work is actually providing time to work on things that actually seem important while I push through this otherstuff.
  4. Have a holiday coming up on Monday.
  5. Date night.
  • Headache 27% 27%
  • Focus 29% 29%
  • Exhaustion 82% 82%

Months I've Been Gratitude Journaling

So I stumbled on someone wing foiling a few months ago. Google’s algorithm decided today was the day I should learn more about it. They were right. It’s pretty cool. I wonder if I could do it with my daughter riding the board at my feet? I’ll have to explore this further.