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Number of Pizzas Cooked Tonight

Five Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. I’m only going to do this for 15 minutes per day, though today’s is way longer trying to get set up.
  2. I decided to screw learning about a child theme and just roll with it.
  3. The weather was pretty nice today.
  4. I figured out a way to streamline my invoices even further.
  5. My daughter and I had a fun time playing in the bath. She didn’t give me any crap for my terrible Russian accent.

I decided to take the Coursera course, The Science of Well-Being. Based on the course material, it sounds like we have control over approximately 40% of our happiness. 50% is genetically determined, 10% is due to life circumstances, and the last 40% we control. I have not been the happiest person, so I decided to do something about it. One of the early lessons walked us through an exercise where we take a strengths test. I’ve taken several before, but one thing that they mentioned really resonated with me. Look at how to increase the number of activities that fall in your top strengths. 

My #4 strength was “Love of Learning”. I’m going to attempt to utilize what I have learned in the course material, improve my website knowledge, and put this blog together.