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Highest Temperature on Our Pinnacles Camping Trip

¬†Five Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. I made it back for a second day. Originally had a goal of 1 per day, but life.
  2. I finished setting up my daughter’s Roth IRA.
  3. I get to put all of my knowledge to work in a fashion that will set my daughter up far ahead of where I was.
  4. It was so hot on the camping trip that my daughter will finally let us put her hair up and wear shorts and short sleeves.
  5. My daughter has an incredible vocabulary. She told me on the way home from picking her up at preschool that, “Racoons are nocturnal because they go to school at night.” She also told us that, “The poop is arriving.”

I am working on improving my flexibility. Goal is 5-10 minutes per muscle group total over 6 days per week. I need to just start small. First up, ankles.