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¬†Five Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. Wife brought me a dessert while I working this evening.
  2. I got a chance to play DND today and a video game last night. DND provides flow. Video games, not so much anymore. Too many important things that I should be doing intruding on the activity. Even DND doesn’t get the same treatment because of the constant interruptions.
  3. I got some time to work on my wife’s anniversary present.
  4. I don’t live in a war-torn country. US left the people who helped them in Afghanistan behind.
  5. I find rearranging, cleaning out parts of the house to be rejuvinating.
  • Exhaustion 80% 80%
  • Happiness 50% 50%
  • Disgust 95% 95%

Ribbons Ironed, best guess

Flow, it’s all about flow. I definitely used to get into flow quite a bit. Focused solely on the task and time disappears. I rarely get into that state anymore. The easiest ones to think of were sports. Soccer, pole vaulting, surfing, etc. I need to find more things that I can do that get me into that state. Way too much of my leisure and work fall into Apathy/Boredom now with spikes into Anxiety. Our chosen activities are not providing us happiness.